Should I Buy a Mattress Online?

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How to Find the Best Online Mattress Brands

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, shoppers have admitted that they’re 50% more likely to shop online than in person. And chances are, since you’re reading this article, you’re one of those people! Whether it’s the convenience, the free delivery or the great online deals, online shopping can be a lifesaver if you’re short on time or like to do your research first. 

But can you really buy a decent mattress online without testing it out first? The short answer is, well, yes, and we’re going to show you how! 

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How to Buy a Mattress Online

Did you know that we spend around a third of our lives in bed sleeping or attempting to sleep? That’s over 25 years! Can you imagine sleeping on the same uncomfortable old mattress for 25 years? We can’t. That’s why picking the right mattress is essential because your bed is really the foundation of your life. 

There’s a lot of talk out there about whether you can really buy a great mattress online. You might have even heard a horror story or two from friends or family who’ve bitten the bullet and bought a mattress online, and what arrived was nothing short of a rectangular sack of lumpy potatoes.

But don’t fret because buying a great mattress online can be done; you just have to know what you’re looking for and take the necessary steps to ensure you make the right choice. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Set a Budget

Whether you’re looking for an outfit for your best friend’s wedding or want to splurge on a new kitchen appliance, the first place you will always need to start when online shopping is with a budget. The same goes for mattresses. A budget helps you know what’s in your price range and can narrow down your search, so you’re not looking at options you’ll never buy.

Step 2: Research Mattress Types

Now you might be thinking that a mattress is just a mattress. So why do I need to research types? Well, here’s why! Mattress design and technology have advanced exponentially in the last few decades because we’ve realised how important sleep is. What was once just a rectangular piece of foam has now evolved into different mattress types to suit every sleeper. Here are some common mattress types:

Foam Mattresses

Foam or memory foam mattresses are a popular choice. Foam mattresses contain a few layers of high-density polyfoam to create durable core support for any sleeper. These mattresses are great for pressure relief and isolating motion in the bed and contour well to the body. Foam mattresses vary drastically in price, quality and performance depending on their materials and construction. 


There are two types of latex mattresses, natural and synthetic. Natural latex is more common and is far more eco-friendly than synthetic latex and therefore tends to be more expensive. Latex mattresses are known for their durability and balance, and core support. 


Back in the day, innerspring mattresses were very popular but are less common now. These mattresses contain metal coils wrapped in fabric, making them prone to noise and movement. Although these mattresses are typically inexpensive and breathable, they can be bouncy.


A hybrid mattress gives you the best of both worlds. Hybrid mattresses combine the best features of an innerspring, latex and foam mattress with a metal coil support centre and a combination of foam and latex materials. As a result, they offer exceptional edge support, temperature control, durability and movement balance.

Step 3: Choose Your Mattress Firmness

Similarly to mattress types, mattress firmness is really a personal preference. Some people like to feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud, whereas others revert to their cave dweller’s roots and want to feel the hardness of the ground. Well, it may not be that extreme, but choosing the best mattress firmness for your back will do you wonders!

Extra Soft – Soft

If you like to feel like they’re sleeping on a marshmallow, you’ll want to consider a mattress with an extra soft to soft firmness. On the firmness scale, these softer mattresses fall between 1 – 3, which means the top mattress layer will conform very closely to your body when you lay down. This type of mattress is most suitable for side sleepers and smaller adults.

Medium Soft, Medium and Medium Firm

A medium-soft to medium-firm mattress is really for those who sit on the fence. Think Goldilocks and the three bears – you don’t want a mattress that is too soft or too hard; you want something just right. These mattresses moderately contour the body, are slightly firmer with less sinkage and are primarily suitable for side sleepers.

Firm and Extra Firm

On the other end of the spectrum are the firm and extra firm mattresses. These mattresses have almost no sinkage at all and minimal contouring. You might be wondering why someone would want a bed this hard, but it’s really up to individual preference and how your body lays at night. A firm mattress is best for back and stomach sleepers.

Step 4: Decide on Mattress Size

You might be thinking that this step is probably the easiest but be careful because choosing a mattress size can trip you up. You’ll always want to measure your space because selecting a mattress that looks like it’ll fit in your room at a glance might end up stuck in your door or entranceway.

Single: Best suited for children.

King Single: For tweens, young adults and smaller adults wanting to save some space.

Doubles: Best for growing teens, single adults and guest bedrooms.

Queens: Most common for couples.

King: For couples who want a bit of extra space.

Super King: For taller couples, multiple people or pets in the bed.

Step 5: Look For Reputable Brands

You can start looking for reputable online brands now that you’ve got your budget, mattress type, and size preference sorted. The easiest way to look for reputable brands is to read mattress reviews for the brands you’re considering. 

Step 6: Purchase!

Once you’ve found a mattress that fits your criteria, carefully read the warranty and returns policy and see if they also offer a free sleep trial, which most online mattress companies do. Also, check the delivery options, as most brands also offer free delivery!

Our Top 5 Tips for Mattress Shopping Online

1. Deals and Discount Codes

One of our best tips for mattress shopping is to check for deals and discount codes. You can often get a 5% or 10% discount code by signing up at a mattress store with your email address. You can also get great deals on bundle packages like a new mattress with a protector or pillows and sheets.

2. Read Reviews

The best way to ensure the mattress brand you’re buying from is legitimate is to read through reviews online first. Don’t just rely on reviews on the brand’s website, do a web search as well. Product Reviews and Google Reviews are super helpful in determining most online mattress brands’ quality, customer service, and delivery efficiency.

3. Use The Website Chat Feature

An often forgotten gem that can save you a lot of time searching for the right mattress is using the website chat feature on the mattress store website. Usually, these chats will have someone on the other end available to answer your questions quickly, whether you’re interested in a particular mattress or have questions about warranties or returns.

4. Warranty and Returns

Always read the warranty and returns information before purchasing your new mattress. Most mattress suppliers know that buying a new bed online can be a hit or miss, so they’ll have a free returns option. Ensuring the returns policy meets your specific needs will give you peace of mind down the track if you need to return the mattress.

5. Free Sleep Trial 

And finally, always look for mattresses that offer a free sleep trial. Many online retail stores will offer a 30 or even 100-day free sleep trial where you get a certain amount of nights to test the product, and if you don’t like it, you can return it for free and either swap the mattress or get your money back. These offers are always the best ones to go with because it shows the brand is serious about providing a quality product.

The Advantages of Buying a Mattress Online

If you’re still not convinced you can buy online, here’s an even further breakdown of the pros and cons of buying a mattress online (because everyone loves a good pros and cons list). 


Shopping online means you can more easily stick to your budget. Plus, shopping at an online mattress store is usually cheaper than buying in-store because the mattress shop you’re buying from doesn’t have the brick and mortar store costs that come with owning a physical store. Therefore, mattresses sold online can be cheaper. In addition, a direct-to-customer online store will have lower prices allowing you to save money.


A brick and mortar store is limited in the number of mattresses they can physically fit into their store. This means, in person, you’re only seeing a fraction of the mattresses you can research online. However, by searching online, you can browse through every brand and mattress type without feeling pressured to decide on the spot.


The best thing about online shopping, other than the deals, is that you don’t have to leave your home. You’re not bound by location, and you don’t have to visit an in-person store at the specific store opening time. You can search for mattresses online any time of the day or night and purchase when you feel ready, without the pressure of a salesperson.

Sleep Trials

As previously mentioned above, many online mattress brands have a comprehensive sleep trial policy to allow you to test the mattress out “risk-free”. Sleep trials will enable you to test the mattress at home for a few nights (some brands allow 30 – 100 nights) and decide if you like the mattress or not. In the trial policy, typically, you can swap it or get a refund if you return the mattress.


Along with the sleep trial usually comes free returns. So if you change your mind for any reason, returning the mattress won’t be a hassle if the online retailer has a free returns policy. In fact, some online stores will even pick up your unwanted mattress for you at no extra cost. Just make sure you read the fine print because we assume returns are typically free, but that might not be the case for some retail stores.

Free Delivery

Most online mattress stores offer free delivery as an extra perk for shopping online. As a result, you’ll save more money and don’t have to organise shipping or even pick up from a physical store.

The Disadvantages of Online Shopping for a Mattress

It wouldn’t be fair to list all of the great things about online shopping for a mattress without making you aware of the potential downfalls. So, here are a few things you’ll want to consider. 

No Trying Before You Buy

Potentially the biggest downfall of buying a new bed online is that you don’t get to try it before you buy, and for some, this is considered a risk. Although online mattress stores rebuttal this downfall by offering returns and sleep trials, it’s best to know what you want before buying online. If you’re indecisive or just new to mattress shopping, it might be best to test out some mattresses in-store first to see what you like and then do further research online. 

Longer Break-In Periods

To ship mattresses cost-effectively, most online retailers will deliver mattresses vacuum-sealed and compressed. Unfortunately, mattresses often take a few hours to break in and decompress. If you’re short on time, this may be a hindering factor. 

More Research Required

When shopping in-store, you have a salesperson to walk you through each mattress and essentially guide you to what you like. Whereas, online it’s really up to you to do your own research, which some enjoy. However, research can be time-consuming, and if you’re indecisive, an in-store visit might be your best bet. 

Unauthorised Sellers

If you’re not careful online, you might stumble across a mattress website that is an unauthorised seller or retailer of specific brands of mattresses (i.e. third-party websites). Unfortunately, while there’s nothing wholly wrong with buying third-party, many warranty policies don’t cover mattresses that unauthorised online retailers sell. 

Choosing an unauthorised seller for your mattress purchase could mean you may not get free returns or refunds if something is wrong with the mattress. So it’s always recommended to either buy directly from the company’s official website or make sure the online website you’re shopping on is an authorised seller of that product. 

Start Your Online Mattress Shopping Journey with Yinahla

So there you have it, online shopping for a mattress doesn’t have to be complicated; it just takes the right know-how and a starting point. Why not start with us at Yinahla! 

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